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Lions in Support of
Caring Kids Charity

We believe every child deserves to enjoy the fun and carefree moments that we associate with childhood. So, nothing makes us prouder than knowing that each day we get to bring a little joy to the lives of young carers with adult responsibilities.

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Lions Disaster Relief
Australia Project

Lions Australia is proud to be partnering with Disaster Relief Australia, an organisation which unites the skills and experience of military veterans to rapidly deploy disaster relief teams in Australia and around the world. 

Lions Alzhemiers Foundation.png

Lions Alzhemiers Foundation

The Lions Alzheimer’s Foundation is dedicated to funding scientific research which will help doctors understand and prevent Alzheimer's.  

Lions Puddings.jpg

Lions Christmas Cakes

The Lions Christmas Cake and Pudding program has been a major fundraising project of Lions Australia since 1965 and raised more than $56mill. The proceeds from this project are donated back into the community on great causes, including Blindness Prevention and Vision improvement projects, Medical Research, Children’s Mobility Foundation, Eye Health Program, Hearing Dogs, Disaster Relief, Aged Care, Drug Awareness and Youth Programs. 

Childhood Cancer.png

Australian Lions Childhood Cancer Research Foundation

The Australian Lions Childhood Cancer Research Foundation (ALCCRF) was officially established in 2009, with our prime focus being to increase childhood cancer survival rates by supporting cancer research efforts not just here in Australia, but worldwide. 

Emergency medical info book.jpg

The Emergency Medical Information Book Project

One of the best ‘Community Service projects’ that was started in our District is the Emergency Medical Information Book. Today the distribution Australia wide is more than 1.5 million. The benefits and success of the EMIB project attracted Lions Clubs to join us and this partnership has strengthened the distribution channels throughout Australia.

Lions Eye Health Program.jpg

Lions Eye Health Program

LEHP’s aim is to reduce the incidence and impact of vision loss in the Australian Community through a Lions auspiced, community-based awareness, education and screening program. 


Lions Club Project
Need for Feed

Need for Feed was established back in 2006-2007 in response to what was at that time the driest period on record and what became known as the Millennium Drought. We are now recognised as the leading provider of emergency fodder at a state and national level by governments and other agencies. 

Childrens Mobility Foundation.jpg

Australian Lions Children's Mobility Foundation

We empower children who cannot walk without assistance to reach their potential. We do this by obtaining funding through the Lions organisation for walking devices that get kids out of their wheelchairs and on to their feet so they can walk, explore, play, work and socialise. 

Junior Public Speaking.jpeg

District Junior Public
Speaking Competition

The aim of the Junior Public Speaking program is to give students in Primary Schools the chance to develop their ability to speak in public. This competition is run for primary students in Grades 3, 4, 5 & 6. 

Lions Mints.jpg

Lions Mint Australia

The funds raised from the sale of Lion Mints over the years have been a great financial boost to clubs for their community work. Lions Mints points of sale help raise public awareness of Lions Clubs in local communities all around Australia. 

Youth of the Year.jpg

Youth of the Year


The Lions Youth of the Year program has a proud history in encouraging and fostering leadership skills in Australian students approaching the end of their high school years. 

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