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Nursing Home Refurbishment for Millicent Hospital

Beachport Rivoli Bay Lions Club, Millicent Lions Club and various other business groups answered a call from the Millicent and surrounds Health Support Group to refurbish the nurse’s home at the rear of the Millicent Hospital. Both Lions clubs contributed three thousand dollars each along with other contributions from the business sector.

A community meeting was held in April 2016 following the loss of several medical services from the Millicent Hospital including birthing and the loss of the Local Doctors contract. This culminated in the formation of the Millicent and Surrounds Health Support Group. For many years Governments of both political persuasions in South Australia, have tried to centralize health services to the larger cities thereby depleting health services from the smaller communities, that had operated happily for decades, thereby increasing travel costs and inconvenience for the public.

The Beachport Rivoli Bay Lions Club were asked if they could paint several rooms in the trainee nurse’s quarters, including the kitchen which had new cupboards and sink installed. A very appreciative Simone Berry who coordinated the effort invited all contributors to a barbeque at the conclusion in a way of expressing thanks for the effort. Of particular note is Lion Reg Hamilton who suffers from Motor Neurone Disease and still lends a hand even if he is sitting down. What a champion.

Pictured is:

Image 1 - Background Lions Wayne Green and Keith Sneath and from left foreground Lions Reg Hamilton, Terry Nancarrow and Ron Cowin.

Image 2 - From left Lions President Keith Sneath, Wayne Green, Reg Hamilton, Terry Nancarrow and Ron Cowin.

Image 3 - Finished kitchen with from left President Keith Sneath, Ron Cowin and Reg Hamilton.

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